To Infinity and Beyond

      Well not quite that far, but what next? As mentioned earlier, it is my hope that this reference evolves into an ever more complete collection of all known variations of Michigan Beer Cans. To that end, I need to tap into the collective knowledge (as well as the beer cans) of other Michigan can collectors, as well as obtain high quality digital images of those missing cans or undocumented variations. In order for you to help contribute toward this goal, please read on.

  Visit the web site THE definitive site for collecting of Michigan beer cans, and home of this reference. The most up-to-date MBC information is available from this location.  
  Either access this reference online, or click here to order a DVD with all the HTML and JPEG images on a single media. With over 500 MB of data, access will likely be much faster and convenient running from DVD rather than over the internet.  
  Pull those Michigan cans from your shelves and compare them to the full detailed info and images contained within this reference. Look closely at the labels, brewery, canning company, and canning codes.  
  If you find can variation(s) not listed, please email Randy Karasek with description, and I will follow up with how to best incorporate new information and graphics into the next revision of MBC. Credit will be given to each contributor!  

      Thank you for reading this far, hope you have found this reference both interesting and informative, and I look forward to getting to know others who share the same addiction for collecting Michigan Beer Cans.
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