Printing Hints

  1. Some of the reference pages have both browser and non-browser formats, with the later being more suitable for printing. These non-browser pages will contain similar content but with hypertext links removed, providing for a cleaner finished print. Buttons will appear on some browser pages to toggle to the printable form, and you will need to use your browser's Back button to return to browser form.

  2. Make sure to use your browser's "Print Preview" feature first! Instead of iterating through printed pages and using valuable resources, first see what the printed result will look like electronically.

  3. When printing, portait mode is assumed for most pictorials; landscape mode for most text listings and large image views. Intent is that content of a given page(s) will fit cleanly per given printed page, with acceptable white space borders around the content.

  4. On the individual beer can pages, there are two buttons to show both a front and back of a printable page (assumed printing double sided). This is the format that will be used for MBC content in book form.

  5. Assumption is printing on standard 8.5 by 11 inch paper (photo quality paper recommended). While there are many types of photo paper that will probably work well, I use "Kodak Soft Gloss Picture Paper" since this allows photo printing on both sides.

  6. By default Internet Explorer may print a header and/or footer when printing HTML pages. Printing of "Michigan Beer Cans" pages assumes these header/footers have been disabled, allowing for slightly more space for image/text content.

  7. Any printed pages included with the MBC DVD were generated using a Canon i860 Inkjet printer and photo quality paper.

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