The following excerpts are from the introduction of "The Beer Cans Of Michigan", 1978, authored by David Peterson and Robert Venners.  

     "While Michigan hasn't been blessed with the number of breweries or labels as a Wisconsin, Pennnsylvania or Minnesota, nor with the diversity or rarity of the cans from golden California, it does offer the collector an alternate form of pleasure; the possibility of coming close to obtaining the full set of issues that have come from the Great Lake State during the past forty years".

     "Granted, the pursuit is not without its perils. Many of the cones, the Phoenix, the Honer, the E&B Golden Bud, are hard to come by. Likewise, many of the flats, Alpine, Big Mac, Guinness's, Regal's, etc., are few and far between. The advantages however, far outweigh the disadvantages. A limited number of breweries (twenty-some), and probably not over 200 cans are all that are in between you and a perfect Michigan collection".
. . .    . . .    . . .   
     "This publication has been designed to assist the senior collector, entice the beginner, educate those collectors from far afield. After years of effort, we know we haven't got all the cans that Michigan has to offer. Variations, new brands, misplaced test cans are bound to surface in the years ahead. We've just laid the foundations. But as it has been stated before, "You've got to start somewhere". In which lies a challenge. Michigan is but one state, a single beer-can producing area in the midst of many. We look to the future, when others in the hobby look about their own territories and see the need for similar texts. As we've discovered, it only takes a camera, a set of wheels, and heavy doses of determination, luck, and unmitigated gall".
David A. Peterson
Robert E. Venners
January 8, 1978