In 1978, David Peterson and Robert Venners authored "Beer Cans of Michigan (BCOM)", providing the Michigan beer can collecting specialist an invaluable reference of the beer cans produced by breweries from the Great Lake state. For many of us collectors, this was the first time we not only learned of a brewery's or a can's existence, but also the ability to see pictures of some of these elusive treasures. While still a valuable reference today, BCOM lacked one of the main features why we collect these cylindrical pieces of metal:
              C  O  L  O  R  !  !  ! 


      Now roll the clock forward nearly 25 years into the fast paced electronic world. Today, with mega-pixel resolution of digital cameras, high quality color laser printers, seemingly unlimited disk space to store images, powerful graphical editing software, lightning fast home computers, and of course the internet, and it is now much, much more practical to produce a full color pictorial reference than ever before. What may have taken weeks/months (and big $$$) to mechanically publish before, today, within mere minutes/hours new versions can not only be generated but distributed world wide!
      As David and Robert stated, "We've just laid the foundations", so does the author of this reference attempt to lay just the next building block of documenting all known variations of beer cans produced from the state of Michigan. What was at one time believed to be no more than 200 cans in a complete collection has now surpassed the 600 plus mark, with numerous variations of known issues such as Altes Sportsman Ale, Guinness Ale, Guinness Lager Beer, and the sets of Pfeiffer Premium Beer scene cans. While it is unlikely new Michigan brands will be unearthed, there is no doubt the full variation universe has been documented. However, this is the next best step forward, and with the shared knowledge of the beer can collecting world, it is my hope to continue to evolve this product into as complete an electronic collection as possible.
      "Michigan Beer Cans (MBC)" is an attempt to show pictorially all known variations of beer cans produced from my home state, providing a useful, evolving index to aid the Michigan specialist. To that end, I have included all variations, some obvious, some obscure, even down to different canning companies producing cans of the same label for the same brewery. As long as there is a distinguishable difference between the face(s) or text of two cans of beer, I have included them as variations. While this level of detail makes it unlikely the reference will ever be 100% complete, it also makes it much more likely there will be plenty of opportunity to continue the pursuit!!!



Happy Michigan Collecting...

Randy Karasek
December, 2002
Update August, 2011 : The included content was produced over a five year time period, eleven different plane trips, numerous hotels and rental cars (six hours of driving to photograph just a single beer can, the only indoor Regal), and so many hours of photo editing. However, this also included many wonderful visits with collectors, some very fun beer cans shows, chances to view some awesome collections, and overall great memories! While I no longer collect Michigan, I hope you enjoy the results...