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In addition to a collecting specialty of Michigan beer can variations, Chris Taylor (BCCA 29470) has spent significant effort in sharing his knowledge with other collectors. Chris has written a number of very informative Michigan specific articles, with these appearing in publications such as the Rusty Bunch 'Rustlings' and BCCA 'Beer Cans & Brewery Collectibles'. These articles cover many of the Michigan brands both in completeness as well as timeline, and are an invaluable read for anyone interested in Michigan beer cans. Many of Chris's articles are now included with the MBC content with his permission.

Authors note: The following collection of articles are included as originally written, with the exception of updated book references were applicable (e.g. USBC numbers are now used where possible) and original images have been replaced with links and references to MBC content. Also, while article content has been maintained, certain liberties have been taken with the formatting due to HTML generation and limitations.

Rustlings May, 1997 Michigan's Toughest Tabs : Part I
Rustlings July, 1997 Michigan's Toughest Tabs : Part II
Rustlings October, 1997 Michigan Variations : Pfeiffers's North Star
Rustlings June, 1997 Goebel's : Flock of Instructionals
Rustlings August, 1997 Michigan Variations : Old Gold : Food City Brewing Co.
Rustlings September, 1997 Goebel Extra Dry : Variations
Rustlings February, 1998 Michigan Variations : Crystilled Goebel Bantams
Rustlings April, 1998 Goebel O/I's Revisited
Rustlings May, 1998 Altes Sixteen Ounce 1/2 Quart Zip Top
Rustlings March, 1999 Detroit's Schmidt's Conetops
Rustlings May, 1999 Schmidt's Beer : Motor City Flat Tops
Rustlings December, 1999 Michigan Variations : A War Story (Michigan OD cans)
MBC/Email January, 2004 E&B Schmidt's Beer : A Chronology

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