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My collection
  My name is Randy Karasek. I began collecting soda cans in 1974 (living in Dowagiac, Michigan), working hard to complete sets of Royal Crown football/baseball. On a trip through Pennsylvania my parents brought home a six pack of Iron City Beer Pirates cans. While too young for the beer poured down the sink, those cans plus seeing an amazing beer can collection of a local collector, I was hooked. With "Beer Cans Unlimited", "Beer Cans Monthly", and membership to the old "Cans of the Month Club", soon my room was wall to wall, as well as the ceiling, covered with common beer and soda cans! Out of space, I decided to specialize in beer cans from my home state of Michigan.
Well college came around, and my interest (or lack of time) in collecting faded. After graduating from UM in 1987, everything was packed in boxes and I moved to sunny California, waiting until that day when I would have both the time and shelf space to redisplay my collection. I never imagined it would take nearly 15 years before that day would come! However, once the cans were back on their shelves, I was hooked again, and looking forward to improving my collection of Michigan beer cans.     Table of Contents