While so many different people, so many past and present organizations, and so many prior publications have contributed so much to the hobby of beer can collecting, the following acknowledgements must be made explictly. "Michigan Beer Cans (MBC)" includes references to the following texts where possible.


"Beer Cans of Michigan (BCOM)", 1978, authored by David Peterson and Robert Venners. This specific publication was the starting point for building the "Michigan Beer Cans (MBC)" reference. Unfortunately a black and white publication, unfortunately long out of print.

"United States Beer Cans (USBC)", 2001, published by the Beer Can Collectors of America (BCCA). This publication provides very sharp full color photos and many (but not all) of the variations information contained within MBC. Please visit the BCCA web site for details on ordering a copy of USBC, or information in general regarding the BCCA.


"Beer Cans Unlimted (BCU)", 1976/1980, by Art and Pete Ressel, edited by Robert Dabbs, and the "Beer Can Collectors Bible (Bible)", 1976, by Jack Martels. While these full color references are long out of print and have basically been superceded by the newer USBC publication, these two texts were instrumental in early information distribution to beer can collectors, and still contain some cans (mainly pull tabs) missing from the USBC.

"Beer Cans Monthly", initially by Robert Dabbs, and then Jeff Cameron. These monthly magazines and the tireless efforts by the individuals behind them were very instrumental in providing feature articles regarding beer can collecting in general, specilazition, and detailed info on various cans/breweries. Current incarnation is "Beer Cans & Brewery Collectibles" as published by the BCCA.



A big Thank You to the following for allowing me to photograph their collections or tap their knowledge: Chris Taylor, Chuck Starrett, Eric Menning, Don Wild, Leon Hampton, Dale Rogalski, Jack Lucas, Jim Potapa, John McGuire, Bob McCoy, Greg Stinsa, Dick Adamowicz, Rawley Douglas, Dan Bora, Dave Wheaton, Keith Niel, John McLogan, Dave Van Hine, Tom Waggoner, Bob Hilderbrand, Dave Stark, Tom Wascher, Ed Stroh, Al Cambridge, Kevin Foley, Robert Fondren, Alex Draper, Marc Tracy, Steve Gordon, Don Kaiser, Ted Wolfe, John Vetter, Chris O'Brien, Rick Schmidt, Jon Remund, Eric Claussen, Kurt Matson, Jim Hall, Your Name Here, ...