Michigan Variations : Pfeiffers's North Star
by Chris Taylor (October, 1997)

     This month I thought I would touch on a rather scarce variation of what is generally a Minnesota brand. During the 1950's, Pfeiffer Brewing Co. of Detroit packaged NORTH STAR (USBC 103-30) for a short period of time. This can was not pictured in the three major books prior to the USBC. NORTH STAR cans B1951 and BCU 98/07 from St. Paul have metallic gold or silver bands and stars, while the Michigan variation has enamel gold. To date, I know of no one in Michigan who has ever dumped one. Curiously, the examples I have seen are all indoor cans and have State of Ohio tax stamps on the lids. Why dumpers are not found is a mystery.

USBC 103-30 (front) USBC 103-30 (seam)

I reason that the cans I have seen (approximately a half dozen, ranging from grade 1 to solid grade 2) in recent years came from a single find since they are in much the same condition. If you are trying to find one of these Michigan cans at a show, good luck! Please let me know if you have a dumper of the Michigan variation.

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