Michigan Variations : Crystilled Goebel Bantams
by Chris Taylor (February, 1998)

     Goebel Brewing of Detroit produced several variations of the BANTAM beer and ales in the late 1940's and early 1950's. These Bantams were set apart from the actual Goebel brand brews in both name and appearance. However, in the mid 1950's, GOEBEL began marketing the Bantams to mimic the modernized labels of their 12 oz beer. This would seem a consistent strategy when trying to maintain brand loyalty in an ever increasing competitive market. Although there were at least 5 variations of the printed GOEBEL 8oz beer and ale, I will touch on only the rarest two.

     The GOEBEL OLD ORIGINAL ALE (USBC 241-15) is truly an elusive can. As any hardcore Michigan specialist could relate, this gem is the emerald of the Motor City brews. It's striking metallic green bands contrasted by white and gold set it apart from the standard Goebel fare. It has been the combined experience of many of Michigan dumpers that the can is almost never found, at least in state. The few Goebel Ales of this variety that I have seen in collections, have the State of Ohio Tax Stamp on their lid and are indoor cans. A 12 oz. was NOT produced.

USBC 241-15 USBC 241-26

     The beer counter part (if there really is one) would be the GOEBEL Crystilled BEER (USBC 241-26) which is identical in appearance to its 12 oz companion (USBC 71-11). The most striking difference between this can and the other Goebel Bantams is the "GOEBEL" is printed in blue instead of black. This can is found primarily as air-sealed display cans, of which I have seen a scant few. I had agreed with an article in the May/June 1981 BCCA NEWS REPORT (that stated the can was probably never filled) until the Spring of 1997, when RUSTY BUNCH members Kim and Dan Bora dumped an "opened" example in the U.P. As far as I know, this is the only DUMPER of this can! Please, somebody prove me wrong!

     Both of these cans are under-rated and should be looked upon as the crowning touch to any 8 oz. or Goebel collection.

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