Altes Sixteen Ounce 1/2 Quart Zip Top
by Chris Taylor (May, 1998)

       In past articles, I have showcased eight and twelve ounce Michigan cans. I thought this time, I would focus on a seldom seen 16 ounce zip top. Although all three Goebel 16 ounce flats are difficult cans to come by, the Altes 16 ounce zip top (CLASS 118-02) is by far the toughest 1/2 quart produced in the Great Lakes State. This early `60's zip top looks fairly plain, mimicking its twelve ounce counterpart (BCU 43-21) and is a 2 faced can.

     The Altes split label zip top does not turn up very often in the dumps of Michigan. Actually, I know of only one verified find several years ago, and these were severely smashed. In fact, the marginal example in this photo is from that find; tenderly restored to a shadow of its former glory. It has been my experience that zip tops and 16 ounce cans in general are not dumped in Michigan very often. We have to contend with 1930's and '40's dumps!

     While on the subject, does anyone out there have Altes Zip Top (Bible 64)? I have only seen ONE example of this can! The gold "Fassbier" and the lack of gold border around the label makes this can a real oddity.

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