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Name Regal Lager Beer USBC # 122-03
Brewery Regal Brewing Company BCU #  
City Detroit, Michigan BCOM # 42
Date 1936 (Unique) BIBLE #  

Can Type Flat, 12-2-OT
Can Company National Can Company
Canning Code  
Full information IRTP, Opening Instructions, Patents Pending. Can believed to be unique in good condition and only 3 dumpers known (all three found near Mackinac Island) and one of the three dumpers is a total repaint! Hopefully a case or two of these fall out of a home being remodeled around the Detroit area!

Interesting story confirmed by Al Cambridge, the second owner of the indoor Regal. This can along with a number of other tough OI cans were found discarded in a landfill (likely from a relative of a can company employee). This Regal had a piece of tar paper stuck to the back face, and over time dried up and fell off, leaving the blemish under the "RB" logo as can be seen today.

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