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Name Phoenix Lager Beer USBC # 179-05.1
Brewery Phoenix Brewing Company BCU # 32-02.1
City Bay City, Michigan BCOM # 157
Date 1944 (Rare) BIBLE #  

Can Type HP Cone, 12-1-T
Can Company Continental Can Company
Canning Code 52-2A
Full information IRTP, "Cap Sealed" side panel. This Michigan can was produced for just four months in 1944, making it tough to find in any condition. However, at least 10 or more fairly clean indoor are believed to exist. Story has it that a "pyramid" of Phoenix cones (believed to be 10 cans total) were found in the brewery's hospitality room, with the top/bottom rims soldered together to form a pyramid. Unfortunately no pictures of this pyramid are known to exist, but it has been confirmed by a collector who owned four of the cones that the solder marks lined up to form a portion of the pyramid.

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