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MBC : 63-41.2

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Name Pfeiffer's Famous Beer (Gold) USBC # 114-04.2
Brewery Pfeiffer Brewing Company BCU # 105-32.2
City Detroit, Michigan BCOM # 139
Date 1957 BIBLE # 2220

Can Type Flat, 12-2
Can Company American Can Company
Canning Code Keglined emblem 68-A
Full information "Famous Beer" in black, contents bottom face, solid blue hat. Images shown are edited version of MBC 63-41 until real variation is obtained, if it really exists. I have seen this variation with black canning code next to back right seam and no "D" above can code, but was filled by St. Paul, Minn plant, with "Breweries Also At Detroit and Flint, Mich". I wonder if the "D" signifies Detroit and no such variation really exists???

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