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MBC : 57-29

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Name Altes Golden Lager Beer USBC #  
Brewery National Brewing Company BCU #  
City Detroit, Michigan BCOM #  
Date 1963 (Rare) BIBLE #  

Can Type Zip Tab, 16-2
Can Company American Can Company
Canning Code Keglined oval
Full information Red can, NB-250. Similar to the 12oz version MBC 57-24 but with "1/2 QUART" text on top face of can. In my five years of photographing Michigan beer cans only four examples surfaced, three off grade dumpers and the actual example from the Class Book of US Beer Cans. Sometime after 2008 a fifth example surfaced from an Ann Arbor collection, and at end of 2011 now a sixth, and certainly the best known example has appeared. This beauty now sits among many other 16oz friends in an absolutely awesome Utah collection. Since so few examples, pictures of this and the Class book example have both been included with MBC content.

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