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Name Colt 45 Malt Liquor USBC #  
Brewery National Brewing Company BCU # 57-22.1
City Detroit, Michigan BCOM #  
Date   BIBLE # 530

Can Type Flat, 12-2
Can Company American Can Company
Canning Code  
Full information While this specific can does have a flat top lid, and appears in original can condition, it is this author's opinion that not truly a National Colt 45 flat top. Looking closely at this only known Detroit flat top example, there are a number of signs that indicate not a real Colt 45 flat:
  • Along the seam and both top and bottom lids there is red paint, appearing to be remnants of a paintover that has been rubbed out
  • The mandatory on the seam is not correct vintage. If truly a flat, the mandatory should state "The National Brewing Co. Of Mich., Detroit Mich", not the newer zip/tab style mandatory
  • The newer style American canning company symbol. If flat top, it should have a Keglined oval symbol
It is this author's opinion that the Colt 45 body/label had a design change, and unused printed Colt 45 sheets were repainted and reused for another brewery/label that was still producing cans as flats.

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