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MBC : 57-32

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Name Altes Golden Lager Beer USBC #  
Brewery National Brewing Company BCU #  
City Detroit, Michigan BCOM # 130
Date 1964 (Rare) BIBLE # 64

Can Type Zip Tab, 12-2
Can Company American Can Company
Canning Code Keglined oval 56-A
Full information Gold "Fassbier", long "A". Similar to MBC 57-36, but gold "Fassbier" (not red), longer "A" in the word Altes, and the red square containing the Altes logo is not outlined in gold as with later cans. Also, this can may have a unique feature in that the red square contains horizontal gold bands which have a somewhat "holographic" effect when tilting the can toward a light source.

Not sure if this is a super rare variation or simply overlooked as the more common tab with red Fassbier and gold outline. Only three nice indoor condition (third surfaced August, 2012) are confirmed known (none are the Bible pictured can) plus one dumper. (Click here for dumper pictures).

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