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MBC : 57-34

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Name Altes Golden Lager Beer USBC #  
Brewery National Brewing Company BCU #  
City Detroit, Michigan BCOM #  
Date 1964 BIBLE #  

Can Type Zip Tab, 16-2
Can Company American Can Company
Canning Code Keglined oval 56-A
Full information Digital fake. Note the picture shown is a 100% digital fake, with no example known to exist, and no proof that an example ever existed!. However, this can SHOULD exist. National produced their red two faced zip (MBC 57-24) in both 12oz and 16oz packages, and they also produced their early white, two faced fan tab (MBC 57-40.1) in both 12oz and 16oz packages. While the 12oz white zip, MBC 57-32 is a rare example with few known, hopefully it is just a matter of time before an example of this 16oz can is found!!!

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