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MBC : 57-40.1

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Name Altes Golden Lager Beer USBC #  
Brewery National Brewing Company BCU # 132-07.2
City Detroit, Michigan BCOM # 132
Date 1965 BIBLE #  

Can Type Tab, 16-2
Can Company American Can Company
Canning Code Keglined oval 56
Full information NB-408. Similar to the early fan tab 12oz, MBC 57-36, with mandatory including the text "Brewed And Packaged At The Brewery". Note the pictured example is a crude digital fake, copying the 12oz mandatory and adding the NB-408 text. However, this variation has been proven to exist by Leon Hampton as can be seen in this side panel picture of a real dumper. Since the dumper, while readable text, is in very rough condition, a digitally created placeholder is used for now until a better condition example is discovered.

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