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MBC : 36-138

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Name Goebel Light Lager Luxury Beer USBC # 241-22
Brewery Goebel Brewing Company BCU # 165-23.2
City Detroit, Michigan BCOM # 101
Date 1956 BIBLE # 3059

Can Type Flat, 8-1
Can Company American Can Company
Canning Code 68-A
Full information Enamel green paint, "Advertised in Life" on side. "Light Lager" in darker green script, rooster feathers enamel green. Very similar to MBC 36-136 and hard to tell the difference unless holding the two variations side-by-side. Note the USBC incorrectly lists this as enamel red. Both variations are enamel red paint, and the difference is in metallic versus enamel green paint.

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