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Name Frankenmuth Air Free Beer USBC # 164-02
Brewery Frankenmuth Brewing Company BCU # 24-25.6
City Frankenmuth, Michigan BCOM # 56
Date 1944 BIBLE #  

Can Type HP Cone, 12-1-T
Can Company Continental Can Company
Canning Code C C CO 52-2
Full information IRTP, Kentucky paint over variation. These cans have the defunct Lexington, Kentucky brewery info covered with a solid black horizontal line, and Frankenmuth, Michigan info printed underneath (see MBC 30-19 for real KY variation). Likely many unrolled sheets were left after the KY brewery closed (1943) and were simply restamped and reused either during or right after WWII. Note this can is IRTP (USBC book is incorrect). Also, this specific beer can used to have black paint over the alcohol statement but has been rubbed off, so possible that marketed with both no alcohol statement and with alcohol statement.

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