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Name Altes Lager Beer (Olive Drab) USBC # 150-12.3
Brewery Altes Brewing Company BCU # 18-05.3
City Detroit, Michigan BCOM # 2
Date 1948 BIBLE # 7

Can Type HP Cone, 12-1-T
Can Company Continental Can Company
Canning Code CCC 21
Full information IRTP. Same design as common IRTP gold/green cone, but an olive drab color instead of normal metallic gold. Is this an intentional variation or simply an even paint discoloration due to moisture? Since a number of these olive drab variations are known, it is possible that a real production variation. It is unlikely though that these were intended for WWII distribution since still have the IRTP statement instead of "Withdrawn Free" and Tivoli not renamed Altes until after the war.

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