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Copyright © 2007-2016 by Randall Karasek

All rights reserved. No part of this data may be reproduced or utilized in any means, electronical or mechanical, including photocopying, for a "for-profit" venture without the express written consent of the author, Randall Karasek.

Implied permission is granted to beer can and brewerania collectors for "non-profit" usage to further aid in their collecting, including printing of text or images, or inclusion of information or images on the internet, in whole or in part, as long as credit is properly given to the author of this reference. Any usage of content (HTML text or JPEG images) borrowed from "California Straight Steel" must include either mention or direct link to the original source

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Note that this project is still a work in progress. While the majority of the images used are my original digital photos, there are exceptions, and any copied source indicated on their respective pages. Some specific references where images have been copied for now:

  • Ted Larsen's Some images of tougher Maier cans have been used with Ted's permission.
  • Dan Morean's Some images of different variations have been used with Dan's permission.
  • Copys of seam pictures, canning code and/or lid variations from Ebay auctions, For these variations my original photos have been used for the can body/face and only the Ebay photo substituted to show the specific variation until I am able to photograph the real can.
  • Digital scans of the front face of some cans from the "United States Beer Cans Volume II" as published by the Brewery Collectibles Club of America, available as a member from

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