Michigan Beer Cans (MBC)
Picking up where "Beer Cans of Michigan (BCOM)" left off, the electronic reference "Michigan Beer Cans (MBC)" provides the Michigan beer can specialist a full color, high quality, digital reference of all known beer cans (including minor variations) produced by the state of Michigan. With over 724 variations now documented, this is a must have for the serious Michigan collector! Five years of effort, major time, travel and $$$ went into producing this content, with MBC production version 1.11 released August, 2012.

California Straight Steel Tabs (CSS)
With the number of undocumented Michigan variations becoming few and far between, and myself now having lived over half my life in sunny California, it was only natural to branch into something from my new home state. Continuing in the MBC format, my web site now shows as many California straight steel tabs as I have been able to document, now 444 variations and counting! This is definitely a work in progress but I have to start somewhere...

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